We have six individual kennels, each with its own heated sleeping lodge and secure covered run. All bedding is provided and freshly laundered although you are welcome to bring your dog’s bedding (and toys) should you prefer. The dog kennels, six in total, can each accommodate up to two small/medium sized dogs from the same family. The kennels opened in October 2015 and are licensed by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, meeting the new licence requirements.

Adjacent to the kennels is a secure exercise area where the dogs can run and play off the lead. We give the dogs’ regular time out of the kennels and at least three walks in our paddocks each day. As we live on site, we don’t need to put the dogs’ to bed at an unnecessarily early time. We will also keep your dog’s dietary routine, be it fresh or dry or tinned food, which we’ll ask you to bring along. You can also bring their favourite treats.  Any prescription diets or medication must be supplied by the owner, with details of administration.

Conditions of boarding
We will not accept any dog for boarding without evidence the dog is up to date with its vaccinations, including kennel cough. This is a requirement of the ERYC Kennel Licence which we must adhere to.

For more information about our kennels or to book your dog in then please call us on 01482 632080 or 07970 158576.