COVID secure facility

The Kennels are permitted to be open at this time and we have introduced new measures to be COVID secure.  During the pandemic customers are asked to stay at the entrance gate and hand over their dog/s, vaccination card and their food, limiting bedding, toys etc as these will be provided and not required.  All booking documentation will be completed at the gate.

Customers are respectfully asked to keep to appointment times for drop-off and collection so as to avoid contact with other customers.

Cancellations due to COVID

It is understandable that a booking may need to be cancelled due to COVID restrictions, we may also be asked to close the Kennels by Defra and/or ERYC. Please provide as much notice as possible if you need to cancel.

Will my dogs be walked?

Yes, at least three times a day off the lead in our secure on-site paddocks.

Can my dogs share a lodge?

Yes, two small/medium sized dogs can share a lodge if they’re from the same home. If you have more than two dogs to board please telephone so we can discuss the most suitable arrangements for your dogs.

If my dogs share a lodge, is there a price discount?


How many dogs do you have staying at any one time?

We have a licence for 12 dogs, though it is unlikely to have all six lodges occupied by two dogs at the same time.

Do you offer a day care facility?

It may be possible to provide occasional day care for you dog, but our priority service is for the boarding of dogs. We do not offer day care on a weekend. Please telephone to discuss your requirements.

Do my dogs need to have had their vaccinations?

Yes, a current vaccination card must be shown on admission or we will be unable to board your dog/s.

Does my dog need the kennel cough vaccination?

Yes, this has become a condition of our licence, please ensure your dog has been vaccinated.

Shall I bring food for my dog?

Yes. Given the specific needs of all our boarders, please bring your own food and details of quantity of food and feeding times.

Should I bring my own bedding?

No, we will provide freshly laundered bedding for your dog and this is preferred during the pandemic. If you wish to bring your own bedding you may.

What are your opening hours?

All customers and visitors by appointment only.

Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm.

Saturday and Sunday 9am – 5pm

Drop-offs during the afternoon and pick-ups during the morning, all by appointment only.

Why are your opening hours limited?

We are a small family run business and we need to close for periods each day to allow us to walk and feed the dogs and keep the kennels clean. We also have our own animals to tend.

Can you groom my dog?

This may be possible if arranged at the time of booking.  Nicola is a C&G qualified dog groomer, trained at Bishop Burton College and previously ran Sparkle Dog Grooming in Swanland. Appointments do get booked up in advance with regular customers, so please telephone early to avoid disappointment.

Can I pay my boarding fees by bank card?

Sorry, no as we do not have that facility. Please pay with cash or by cheque, made payable to Rowley Cottage Kennels. Alternatively, payment can be made by bank transfer.

What makes Rowley Cottage Kennels ideal for my pet?

We are a small, family run kennels that strive to give your dog/s lots of love and attention, with nice long walks and a family atmosphere.